As of today, IFPI Sweden will make Sweden the first country to include streaming sales in its official album charts (SverigeTopplistan). The change means that the chart will provide a more accurate picture of how Swedes consume music today, as streaming now accounts for a large part of this.

In recent years, digital music sales have surpassed physical sales. Today, streaming accounts for about 70 percent of total music sales in Sweden – one of the highest rates in the world. In October 2010, IFPI Sweden launched singles charts that included streaming. Prior to that, the chart only accounted for physical music sales and downloads. Now IFPI Sweden has also added streaming to the album chart.

Ludvig Werner, CEO, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Sweden, says: The change is completely natural because so much of Swedes’ listening is done through music streaming services. The new charts provide a better picture of the reality that is the mix of ways physical, downloaded and streamed that Swedes consume music today.

The Swedish chart list ( is published by the Swedish Recording Industry Association (GLF). The charts are based on sales to consumers all over the country. The charts are published every Friday at 9.00am.

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