IFPI Sweden enters into deal with Global Master Rights for international royalties collection

Through this way of collecting international royalties, IFPI Sweden will significantly expand the number of countries available for collection to its rights holders who opt-in to the service as well as streamline the administration of copyright on behalf of selected master owners. IFPI Sweden will remain the primary representative for its rights holders while Global Master Rights will be responsible for specific parts of the process, including the registration and claiming of recordings and resolution of disputes where these arise, the receipt of income and related communication to and from the overseas Collective Management Organisations (CMO’s).

We’re confident that this service will deliver positive results for rights holders and CMO’s whilst keeping the CMO’s at the centre of the process. We believe the CMO’s existing relationships with local rights holders together with GMR’s and IFPI Sweden’s expertise on international collections will result in an optimal service towards the rights owners,” says Erik Veerman, Managing Director, Global Master Rights.

IFPI Sweden is committed to delivering the best possible service to the rights owners we represent in a cost-effective manner,” says Ludvig Werner, CEO, IFPI Sweden. “International collections represent an increasing portion of the income available to master rights owners and it’s more important than ever to ensure recordings are optimally registered and claimed across the globe. Given the many years of experience and knowledge that Global Master Rights has in this field, all parties saw the potential for collaborating together to further benefit rights holders.”

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Global Master Rights has made it their mission to ensure that rights owners receive the royalties they are entitled to. Founders and Directors Erik Veerman and Paul Smelt spent years working together in key positions at neighbouring rights organization SENA before co-founding Global Master Rights. Familiar with every aspect of the business, all the way from the registration of repertoire to the analysis of payment specifications, Global Master Rights takes care of all of the administration relating to their clients’ neighbouring rights, helping to manage their catalogues and maximize their earnings. For further information about Global Master Rights, visit: www.globalmasterrights.com.

IFPI Sweden is an organisation representing the recording industry in Sweden, with the mission to promote the value of recorded music, campaign for the rights of record producers, and expand the commercial uses of recorded music. IFPI Sweden is also, unlike most other IFPI Members, a music licensing company (MLC). The primary MLC mission of IFPI Sweden is to ensure that those who invest in making recorded music get paid when their music is broadcasted on the radio, TV and online. For further information about IFPI Sweden’s international royalties collection service, visit www.ifpi.se/musikbolag/internationella-royalties/ or email row@ifpi.se.

Global Master Rights (NL): Sonja Koeman koeman@globalmasterrights.com

IFPI Sweden: Lisa Cronstedt, lisa.cronstedt@ifpi.se

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